What does the centre offer? 

Adapting to life following an injury is a huge journey. As well as dealing with the psychological and emotional trauma of SCI, the demands of day-to-day living need relearning and adjustment.People with SCI often need help transitioning from the specialist care they have received in NHS rehabilitation services, back to life in their local community.

[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Equipping you for life beyond your injury” no=”1/2″] Without routes to the right support, people can become at risk of isolation or end up being readmitted to general hospitals or nursing homes that aren’t specialised in spinal care.

This service is here to support our visitors make a successful transition to life at home. Our professional team work to provide personalised support that will equip people continue with employment, adapt vocational skills or pursue new recreation interests and build on physical, emotional and psychological rehabilitation skills. Our aim is to help people leave with the skills and confidence to lead independent lives.[/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”A ‘home-from-home’ feel is important” no=”2/2″] With both residential and drop-in opportunities, the centre has been designed to have a ‘home-from-home’ feel. This enables visitors to explore the limits and possibilities of their injury in a safe environment.
From making a cup of tea, getting out and about, or building fitness, visitors will benefit from the centre’s independence kitchen, fully accessible en-suite rooms and indoor therapy gym.[/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]


  • 24-hr nursing coverage
  • Fully accessible environment with 13 en-suite bedrooms, with kitchenette and environmental controls
  • Specialised and appropriate equipment, bed and furniture
  • Therapy gym


  • Assessment / training kitchen
  • 2km of accessible pathways
  • Specialised SCI physio therapy and occupational therapy
  • Peer to peer support and training
  • SCI – Tele medical support
  • Specialised SCI tissue visibility / pressure sore management service


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