What we believe 

Livability Holton Lee is here to support people in living life to the full. We are passionate about creating opportunities that support physical, mental, spiritual and social wholeness.

By connecting people with each other and nature, we believe every person has the potential for growth and creativity. We work to support all individuals who visit the centre to feel good about themselves, build relationships, overcome barriers in their lives and develop a sense of purpose and achievement.

Livability Holton Lee has a broad, generous and inclusive Christian ethos, welcoming people from all faiths and none to work together towards the good of the whole community.


We are open and real

We strive to be warm-hearted, straightforward and honest. We open doors and create opportunities. We take time to listen to each other and to the people we work with, because that is how we grow.


We think people are amazing

Everyone has something to offer, if they are just given the chance. So, as well as helping with basic needs, we help people take part and be valued – because that is what makes life livable. We are ambitious to achieve real change.


We demand fairness

Far too many people are excluded in our society. We want a fairer world where all are valued, both for what we have in common and for what makes us different. We all share a responsibility to make that a reality.


We are the best we can be

Each day we ask ourselves, what can we do better? In work as in life, we are motivated by our bold commitment to making life better for people and their communities, and we hold ourselves to account for the difference we make.

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