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Wellbeing Projects

See all that you can do

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There's a huge number of ways in which you can make use of the Livability Holton Lee site.
Here are just some of them:


Enhance your wellbeing and health


Get active and explore our beautiful setting

Mobility safaris

Enjoy our accessible site and mobility options

Spinal Injury Centre

Learn about our Spinal Injury Centre

Day visits

Just turn up, take in the air and join an activity

Accessible labyrinth

Will you find your way through?

Holiday cottages

Accessible holidays for groups or individuals

Holiday camping

The great outdoors, without the hassle

Work with clay

What do you want to make today?


Express your art and your creativity

Quiet room

Time to think, space to contemplate


Get away from it all and re-energise

Bird watching

How many different species can you spot?

Ride buggies

Accessible rides, out in the countryside


Boost gardening skills and wellbeing

Flourish program

Join our gardening team and have some fun

Venue hire

Training? Weddings? Family? Sort your venue needs with us.

Visit fairs

Community days with fun on the menu

Get fresh veg

Order your veg box, made in the Flourish gardens


Join our team and build community with us

Coming here, it’s a day which I really enjoy. I look forward to it every week.

Mike, Flourish Volunteer

People come and they soon love it!

I think it's partly being out in the open air... partly being working alongside people. It's a shared task.

Margaret, Flourish Volunteer

Increased confidence

I feel like I can come in and do a really good job, to the best of my abilities, and always know that I can go home - proud.

Chris, Flourish Volunteer

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