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About us

A place to discover wellbeing

Livability Holton Lee is a wellbeing discovery centre set in 350 acres of beautiful Dorset countryside. It is part of the Livability family of services. We aim to support visitors in feeling good about themselves by encouraging them to build friendships and develop a sense of accomplishment.

From gardening, forestry therapy, arts and ceramics, bird watching, walking and accessible camping, visitors can benefit from an inclusive and supportive community.

The mix of beautiful landscapes and thriving garden projects is perfect for mindful relaxation and absorbing activity. The centre is open to the general community and also has a particular understanding of disability and mental health.

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Livability Holton Lee is part of the Livability family of services.

Livability is a disability and community engagement charity. The charity exists to tackle barriers in peoples lives and work for inclusion for all.

Livability is a proven and trusted provider of disability services, community projects, education and training resources across the UK.

Created by a merger of The Shaftesbury Society and John Grooms, Livability has an 160-year track record in community and inclusion work.

Visit the Livability website here.

People come and they soon love it!

I think it's partly being out in the open air... partly being working alongside people. It's a shared task.

Margaret, Flourish Volunteer

At the time, I felt I was pretty useless and not worth an awful lot, so it felt good to just give some practical help to people.

I feel we are all in it together at Livability Holton Lee – we’re a team that looks after each other and gets on well.

Stuart, Flourish Volunteer

Increased confidence

I feel like I can come in and do a really good job, to the best of my abilities, and always know that I can go home - proud.

Chris, Flourish Volunteer

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