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The Happiness Course

The Happiness Course is a training course for churches and community leaders that aims to grow wellbeing and build community. The course explores attitudes to happiness using global research, and by offering discussion, films and exercises.

The course enables leaders and participants to create connections with people in their community, explore emotional health and wellbeing and create choices that lead to real change in people’s lives.

Written by Livability and drawing from leading thinkers in the fields of positive psychology and personal development, the course has seen 200 people train to deliver the course in communities across the UK.

Everyone wants to be happy… yet what exactly is happiness?

What enables us to grow in it?
Is happiness really what we should aim for, or does it come as a by-product of something deeper?
Some people seem naturally happy; others are apparently programmed to be grumpy!
So is there any point trying to change?
What affects our wellbeing and can we bring any change at all?
A recent study of 5,000 adults suggests a person’s happiness is dependent on the happiness of those around them. Apparently, if you are happy you could be increasing the happiness of your neighbours by 25%.

The relationship between people’s happiness levels extends up to three degrees of separation – to the friend of a friend of a friend. So by being happy and making friends with your neighbour, you can have an impact on the happiness of their friends too!

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