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Makaton training

Communication – being able to make yourself understood and to understand others – is one of the most important skills in life. But many people struggle with spoken and written language for all kinds of reasons. Makaton is a widely used set of signs and symbols, which can be used alongside speech to aid understanding. Using Makaton in your church means that more people will be able to enter into worship and enjoy fellowship.

Over the years, we have worked with Makaton Charity to develop a set of signs for Christian contexts – words like Jesus and praise. Makaton courses are all delivered by qualified Makaton tutors.

Makaton in worship training days

So much of church worship involves reading and singing, which can be barriers to many people. Makaton signs introduce a new dimension, making worship more accessible to all.
The courses are based around musical worship, and will teach you to use signs alongside singing.


This two-hour session introduces Makaton, and teaches around 20 vital everyday signs, as well as 10 church-specific signs. It’s a fun, interactive session which could be run for a number of groups in your church, from welcome team to children’s workers.

Come and discover:

What Makaton is and how it can help
20 everyday Makaton signs and symbols
10 Makaton signs and symbols for church use

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