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Skills Development Days

If you want to build the skills to work with people with learning disabilities, this course is for you. We talk about the Biblical principles behind welcoming disabled people, then look at communication, worship, prayer and teaching. We talk about how to use these skills in your church setting, and support people to participate fully …

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The Happiness Course

The Happiness Course is a training course for churches and community leaders that aims to grow wellbeing and build community. The course explores attitudes to happiness using global research, and by offering discussion, films and exercises. The course enables leaders and participants to create connections with people in their community, explore emotional health and wellbeing …

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Dementia Friendly Church

With the number of people living with dementia increasing every year, and with about 2 in 5 people in the UK having a friend or family member who has dementia, as a society we are faced with a huge challenge. So often, people with dementia and their carers can feel isolated from their community, and …

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Access to Life in Jesus

Access to Life in Jesus is inspired by the Alpha Course, with contents and outline which will be familiar to those who have used Alpha materials. Like Alpha, Access to Life in Jesus runs as a series of meetings covering the basic principles of the Christian faith. In this course, care has been taken to …

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Makaton training

Communication – being able to make yourself understood and to understand others – is one of the most important skills in life. But many people struggle with spoken and written language for all kinds of reasons. Makaton is a widely used set of signs and symbols, which can be used alongside speech to aid understanding. …

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