So much goes on at Livability Holton Lee. Its 350 acres are buzzing with activity in the form of garden projects, ecotherapy programmes and studio workshops and classes, just to name a few. So we’d like to introduce the people that help make Livability Holton Lee a beautiful and welcoming place, starting with events organiser Shirley Walker.

My name is Shirley Walker and I work as events organiser at Livability Holton Lee. I love working here in such a beautiful environment. My work involves linking with people from all areas of the community and encouraging them to engage with Livability Holton Lee. This means finding ways in which we can work with the community to hold exciting and useful events.

Day to day, I’m organising events such as art days, stargazing evenings and wildlife talks so there’s always a great variety. I’m also liaising with local churches and local schools as we are planning to introduce training options. I really enjoy being with people when they visit the site for the first time, and seeing their reaction to the spacious and serene grounds.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Shirley”]In my spare time I’m a bit of a photographer, taking my camera with me wherever I go. I’m into all things art and music and hope to visit different exhibitions and concerts this year.[/pullquote]

Livability Holton Lee’s wellbeing emphasis allows people from all walks of life to explore their potential. From being part of our horticultural therapy programme, to coming to an event with friends or meeting new people, to just enjoying a walk through the beautiful woods – Livability Holton Lee is designed to help people find their wellbeing.

This year, we are planning more additions to our centre, including a spinal injury rehabilitation unit for people recovering after spinal injuries. I’m really excited about what these new opportunities will bring as we help bring more and more of our community to Livability Holton Lee.

Check out the events coming up at Livability Holton Lee here.

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