Starting today, Livability is taking part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2016 to raise money for the Flourish project at Holton Lee.

For three days only, any donations made to Livability online being doubled through the scheme.

“This Christmas, Livability‘s message is all about why Friendship Really Matters. Many disabled people are at risk of greater social isolation, but with positive community connections, people are more included and their wellbeing does better. Livability’s Flourish project in Dorset is one project that’s really doing a lot to help disabled people and those living mental illness grow confidence and social networks,” says Anna Maria Mullen, Livability’s Major Donor and Corporate Partner Manager.

Flourish manager Emma Browning, who has seen hundreds of Service Visitors benefit from Flourish’s input: “When people arrive, I can see in their face that first morning that they’re questioning where they will fit in. Then you can see it dawning on them that there is no need to ‘fit in’, no clique, because everyone fits in. Everybody is open and welcoming to new people. They take an interest in them as a person – they talk about what TV they’ve watched, what football team they support. Conversations and friendships just start.”

In one year, 97% of people who attend Flourish report an increase in social networks and a decrease in social isolation. Livability want to grow the provision of this project – and others like it – so more people can benefit from good community connections.

The charity wants to raise £5000 through the scheme in order to fund accessibility provision at the project, helping the people that use the service to gain work experience and supporting them to take part social events that build confidence.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge runs for three days only. The scheme works on a first come, first served basis, so it’s a big dash to the finishing line. The more donations that can be secured early, the higher the chances of hitting our target.

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