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Win-on-Waste Collection

3rd March, 2018
11am - 12noon
The Coffee Shack

3rd March 2018

Collect any of the items below,ensure items are clean and put them in a bag:

2 Litre empty plastic coke bottles – Holton Lee

Ring pulls from drink cans – Poole Community Fund

Silver Foil (any clean foil) – Poole Methodists

Stamps – Naomi House

Beauty Product items – Ideas2Action

Cleaning product items e.g. washing up liquid tops, disinfectant wipe packets, trigger head/pumps – Ideas2Action

Stationary e.g. dried up empty biros, felt tips, highlighters, board markers, mechanical pencils, empty tippex bottles – Research into Brain Tumors

Tassimo coffee discs and packaging – Poole Hospital Scanner Appeal

All brands and sizes of air freshener packaging – Ideas2Action

Kitchen Rolls, Large cardboard – Holton Lee


More info keasthope@livability.org.uk

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