The Post Green community 

Community begins

The Post Green Community grew out of Faith and Tom Lees’ desire to offer help to strangers in need, not just through care and support in their own home, Post Green House, but through other Christian leaders living in buildings which the Lees owned in the Lytchett Minster and later at Holton Lee.

Community housing

In the 1970s, volunteers began renovating Holton farmhouse and preparing the land to accommodate twice-yearly Christian camps.




By the early 1980s the Post Green Community, now joined by members of the American Community of Celebration, numbered 120 people, Most of those who joined the Community had come to know it through the Bible camps or courses and were attracted by the love and care shown.

Work & money


The lifestyle was sacrificial – working members put their earnings into a ‘common purse’ to share with those who couldn’t work, and changed jobs as the need demanded. Food was sometimes scarce and always cheap, and members grew very inventive in making ingredients go a long way!

Daily life

Every day started and ended with prayer, often accompanied by exuberant music, drama and dancing, and people from every Christian denomination or none were equally welcome – inclusiveness that was unusual at the time.

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