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Become a friend

We like to think that everyone involved with Livability Holton Lee in whatever way has a shared interest in valuing people, respecting the environment and desiring to contribute positively to our community.

People are connected in many different ways – participating in wellbeing programmes, volunteering, caring for the site, enjoying the wildlife, teaching skills or leading workshops

Becoming a Friend enables you and your family access during daylight hours to the beautiful Livability Holton Lee estate and will keep you informed of upcoming events and special offers at Livability Holton Lee.

How to become a Friend of Livability Holton Lee

If you would like to become a Friend, simply make a one off or a regular donation to Livability Holton Lee.
Please click the button below and we'll email everything you need.

Hear what other Friends of Livability Holton Lee have to say:

Coming here, it’s a day which I really enjoy. I look forward to it every week.

Mike Flourish Volunteer

Increased confidence

I feel like I can come in and do a really good job, to the best of my abilities, and always know that I can go home - proud.

Chris Flourish Volunteer

At the time, I felt I was pretty useless and not worth an awful lot, so it felt good to just give some practical help to people.

I feel we are all in it together at Livability Holton Lee – we’re a team that looks after each other and gets on well.

Stuart Flourish Volunteer

People come and they soon love it!

I think it's partly being out in the open air... partly being working alongside people. It's a shared task.

Margaret Flourish Volunteer

So satisfying

I've created something from nothing and that's made all the difference. No matter how big or how small that is, it's just about that feeling

Steve Flourish Voulnteer

Everyone accepts each other, whatever their ability or disability. People are understanding of each other – not judging. Every time I come here, I’m more relaxed and chilled out.

Adam Flourish Volunteer